How can Lady-Comp Baby help? 

Typically, fertility issues don't become evident until a couple decides to have children.
 However, in many cases, failure to conceive is not due to an irreversible state of infertility, but to reduced fertility, which may be caused by a wide variety of factors.

When a couple has reduced fertility, it is important that sexual intercourse takes place at the time of optimum fertility. A study by Barrett and Marshall has shown that random acts of intercourse achieve a 24% pregnancy rate per cycle. That study also found that timed intercourse based on information from a basal body temperature method increased pregnancy rates to 31%-68%. Lady-Comp Baby reliably indicates the most fertile days - and thus helps you to get pregnant faster.

Lady-Comp Baby assists with family planning and reduced fertility. It is not only highly accurate in forecasting your most fertile days, it also registers if you don’t ovulate or if you have a hormonal imbalance, such as corpus luteum insufficiency (CLI).

It answers the fundamental questions asked by your gynecologist:

  • When and/or does ovulation occur?
  • Are your hormones in balance?

No more charting, no more graphing, no user errors - the fertility computer does the work for you. 
It's safe, easy, accurate and reliable.


Lady-Comp Baby determines your fertile days based on your morning temperature and will alert you on your most fertile days, including the day you ovulate and the five days before ovulation. Using statistical methods to detect various causes of infertility, Lady-Comp Baby can even help to solve individual problems of conception.

Lady-Comp Baby diagnoses problems

Regular menstrual cycles are sometimes taken as evidence that a woman is ovulating normally, and irregular cycles as evidence she is not. However, many women with irregular cycles do ovulate normally, and some with regular cycles are actually anovulatory or have a luteal phase defect. Records of basal body temperatures can be used to accurately determine if a woman is ovulating, and if the length of the post-ovulatory (luteal) phase of her menstrual cycle is sufficient to sustain a pregnancy. Lady-Comp Baby can diagnose a post-ovulatory dysfunction by recognizing that the increased temperature level is fluctuating or too short.

With its integrated cycle and planning-statistics, Lady-Comp Baby displays further
useful information necessary to successfully plan a child:

  • forecasts your most fertile days
  • indicates monophasic cycles (cycles without ovulation) and ovulation fluctuations
  • tracks sexual intercourse inputs
  • displays number of planning hits and gender probability
  • contains an Integrated Pregnancy Test
  • provides you with an accurate date of conception and expected delivery date
  • can be used for safe natural pregnancy prevention after birth

Hormonal imbalances are recognized

The Corpus Luteum, also known as "yellow body,” develops right after ovulation. It is the tissue that surrounds the egg released from the ovary. The corpus luteum produces the necessary hormones, such as progesterone – which maintains the uterine lining- so that by the time the fertilized egg reaches the uterus, the uterine lining is ready to receive the egg and can implant. Problems with the yellow body cause difficulties getting pregnant as well as staying pregnant. The embryo cannot survive without a properly functioning yellow body.
Lady-Comp Baby diagnoses a corpus luteum dysfunction by recognizing that the increased temperature level is fluctuating or too short. The time between ovulation and menstruation should be no shorter than 10 days. This information is vital, since it can be treated for improved fertility.